Welcome to the Kohlman Cup

The Kohlman Cup is named in honor of the late Don Kohlman.  Mr. Kohlman was longtime member of the WAHA Board of Directors and was instrumental in the creation of the WAHA CUP in 2004. 


The original WAHA CUP was conceived over a plate of pancakes at Lief’s restaurant in Eagle River in August 2004 by Don Kohlman and Bill McCoshen with Cale McCoshen looking on.  Mr. Kohlman told McCoshen to “put something on paper and we will take it to the WAHA Board in December.”  Dan Schachte, Mike McCoshen and Dan Johnson helped produce the first draft of what became the WAHA CUP.  The original concept called for a Tier II all-star tournament at both the Pee Wee and Bantam levels.  During the process it was discovered that Steve Billings had written a concept paper for a year-end all-star tournament a year earlier and Billings instantly volunteered to help with the WAHA CUP.  The WAHA Board decided to move forward with the Pee Wee WAHA CUP in December 2004 with plans for the initial tournament in March 2005 “if we could find volunteers to make it happen in each WAHA region.”  The WAHA CUP would have never become a reality without the help of the following individuals:

            Region 1           Mike McCoshen and Steve Billings

            Region 2           Dan Johnson, Don Kohlman and Gary Suter

            Region 3           Neil Anderson and Kipp Karakas

            Region 4           Bill McCoshen, Dan Schachte and Kim Schachte

            Region 5           Rene Cranston, Gina Roadhouse, Cal Roadhouse and Tom Slocum

            Region 6           Ian Hollaway, Kevin McCoshen, Jon Hailey and Leo Bronston


Mr. Kohlman passed away in 2008, but his many contributions to improve the game of hockey in Wisconsin will never be forgotten.


The 2020 Kohlman Cup is limited exclusively to Tier II Pee Wees WHO RESIDE IN WISCONSIN AND PLAY FOR A WISCONSIN TIER II ORGANIZATION.  Players born in 2008 and 2007 are eligible in 2020.  The Kohlman Cup allows top Pee Wee age level players in Wisconsin to test themselves against the best Tier II players in each WAHA region. 


WAHA added a separate GIRLS ONLY Kohlman Cup in 2016.    


An All-Tournament team will be selected in each age group of the Kohlman Cup.  Those players will be members of Wisconsin Selects, and will play the Northern Exposure AAA tournament July 17-19, 2020 in Duluth, Minnesota.


The Kohlman Cup will be a great way to end the winter season, and it will not conflict with the summer AAA programs.  Seven former Kohlman Cup participants are now playing professional hockey:

  • Jake McCabe (Buffalo Sabres)
  • Casey Nelson (AHL)
  • Mitch Hults (ECHL)
  • Aaron Harstad (ECHL)
  • Michael Kapla (AHL)
  • Eddie Matsushima (ECHL)
  • Jake Kupsky (ECHL)

Many more former Kohlman Cup players have played, or will play Division 1 college hockey: 

  • Jake McCabe (Wisconsin)
  • Aaron Harstad (Colorado College)
  • Brad Navin (Wisconsin)
  • Peter Maric (Colorado College)
  • Alexander Dahl (St. Lawrence)
  • Michael Kapla (UMass – Lowell)
  • Austin Priebe (Air Force)
  • Ryan Dau (Air Force)
  • Garrett Clemment (Lake Superior State)
  • Casey Nelson (Minnesota State – Mankato)  
  • Alec Vanko (Minnesota State – Mankato)
  • Austin Vieth (Alaska-Fairbanks)
  • Alex Shuchuk (Wisconsin)
  • Zac Keryluk (Wisconsin)
  • Pierce Pluemer (Air Force Academy)
  • Cole Paskus (UMass- Lowell)
  • Aaron Miller (Bemidji State)
  • Matt Purmal (St. Lawrence)
  • Ty Emberson (Wisconsin)
  • Jake Kupsky (Union College)
  • Drew Blackmun (UMass – Lowell)
  • Caleb Schroer (Northern Michigan)
  • Robby Fosdick (Northern Michigan)
  • Brock Caufield (Wisconsin)
  • Cole Caufield (Wisconsin)
  • Chase Blackmun (UMass-Lowell)
  • Charlie Dovorany (Minnesota Duluth)
  • Barrett Brooks (Western Michigan)
  • Erik Bargholz (Michigan State)
  • Jack Gorniak (Wisconsin)
  • Daniel Laatsch (Wisconsin)
  • JJ Berdal (Colorado College)
  • Josh Bolin (Wisconsin)
  • Hunter Johannes (AIC)
  • Alexis Mauermann (Wisconsin) *womens
  • Tatum Skaggs (Ohio State) *womens
  • Leah Carey (Robert Morris) *womens
  • Katie Detert (St. Cloud State) *womens

Four former Kohlman Cup participants have received the “Mr. Hockey” Award from Wisconsin Prep Hockey including:

  • Jacob Bresser (2014) – Eau Claire Memorial
  • Zach Jones (2013) - Verona
  • Kody Novinska (2012) – Rice Lake
  • Saxton Soley (2011) – Eau Claire Memorial 

Kohlman Cup Skills Competition


The Kohlman Cup added a skills competition at the suggestion of Leo Bronston in 2006.  Players compete in individual and team events.  The skills competition has become one of the true highlights of the KOHLMAN CUP tournament.


The skills competition has been named the Jacob Trannel Skills Competition.  In the inaugural WAHA CUP tournament in 2005 in Madison, Jacob Trannel was a member of the 1993 birth year Pee Wee Minor WAHA CUP championship team from Region 6.  Jacob played on the Region 6 WAHA CUP team in 2005 and 2006.  He was selected to play for Team Wisconsin in 2005 and 2006.  Jacob Trannel passed away unexpectedly at the age of 15 in December 2008.  He was a freshman at Onalaska High School and played varsity soccer and hockey.  Jacob had a goal and an assist in his final high school hockey game against University School of Milwaukee.  He is greatly missed by family, friends and the hockey community. 


2008 & 2007 Tier II Pee Wee players ONLY!  Must be Wisconsin Residents and play for a Wisconsin Tier II association.


The 2008 and 2007 Regional All-Star team will participate in a Round Robin tournament in Hudson, WI, April 4-5, 2020. 

  • There will be a total of ten games in each tournament.
  • Each team will be guaranteed three games.
  • The top two teams will play a fourth game on Sunday to decide the Kohlman Cup Champion.

The winning team will have their names inscribed on the Kohlman Cup trophy that will be displayed in the Wisconsin Hockey Hall of Fame in Eagle River.  Tournament officials will select an “All-Tournament” team in both age classifications at the conclusion of each tournament.   The all-tournament team selection process involves all the coaches at a given age level and is based on how each player does in the Kohlman Cup tournament.  The selection committee does not consider how the player did during the regular season. 


The All-Tournament team will participate in two practices and play in a summer tournament as Wisconsin Selects.



WAHA will charge each skater a $35.00 tryout fee which can be paid on-line at the time of registration.


WAHA will charge each skater that makes a Regional All-Star team a $170.00 participation fee for the Kohlman Cup.  This includes games, socks and a jersey. Payments for Regionals teams must also be made on-line.  


Players selected to Wisconsin Selects will pay a $200.00 participation fee for practices, game jerseys and the summer AAA tournament. 


Applications and Payments must be done on-line and completed by Monday, March 16, 2020. 





The top players in each tryout will be selected from each Region regardless of how many players come from the same Tier II team.

  • The tryout will be open to any interested Tier II boys.  Girls may try out for the boy’s tournament.    
  • There will be a separate tryout at each birth year 2008 and 2007.
  • Regional teams will consist of 9 forwards, 6 defensemen, and 2 goalies. 
  • The tryouts will be held a central location within each region and be concluded in one night unless a Region has more than one tryout date.  Check the WAHA website for tryout times and locations.  If more than 60 players sign up in a single birth year in any WAHA Region, then an additional tryout date may be added in that Region.
  • If more than 10 goaltenders sign up for tryouts in any Region at a single birth year, then an additional tryout date will be added for Monday, March 16, 2020. 
  • Area coaches will assist with tryouts and selection.  All local evaluators are listed on the WAHA website. 

The players will play in the same classification that they played in during the 2019-2020 season.  If a skater “played up” in age classification during the season they would not be eligible to play in the Kohlman Cup until their birth year is eligible. 


We are a proud member of the Wisconsin Amateur Hockey Association and USA Hockey